When you’ve lost your Home Base (by Joe Lania)

Most of us remember, as kids, having a home base.  Home Base was a place that was safe, secure and somewhere to rest and refigure your next moves.  Our games played were “tag”, ringaleevio, and for those from the Bronx, “Hot Peas & Butter” (intense game played with a hidden leather strap).  Home base offered us refuge.


As adults, as parents, as small business owners and managers, we still need our home base.  A place where we can gather our thoughts, refresh ourselves and plan on our next moves.  It is important for all of us to have this quiet time, this time of reflection, time with those we love and respect and time where we can be at peace. Lack of a home base temporarily can be tolerated, but not for long and not without a price.


Young parents with small highly dependent children, caregivers of the sick, business owners or managers of fast growing (or intensely depressed) businesses, parents of adolescent children with addictions or spouses with addictions, and some homeowners with unruly neighbors often lose their grasp of home base and are desperate for help from others in order to maintain sanity and a healthy lifestyle. 


How many new Mothers complain, “I can’t even have five minutes to myself in the bathroom” or “My husband doesn’t understand what I go through all day long, and I would appreciate his help when he comes home or, at least, some adult conversation”?


We all need our Home Base.  Our place to come to, getting away from the stress and activity of the day, a safe place to rest, relax, refigure our next moves.  A place where we are secure and where we can recreate.  Because, if you do have a quiet and secure Home Base, you can refresh yourself and go out and slay those dragons all day tomorrow.


What happens to YOU when you lose YOUR Home Base?


I would like to hear your comments.



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