HealthCare bill has now passed the SCOTUS test.

So, now with this decision of the Court ~ and, we assume that these men and women of the SCOTUS are intelligent, thoughtful, resourceful and looking for the best interest of all American taxpayers and citizens AND have access to more information than you and I did ~ there will be an additional TAX on us.

However, if the Federal government guarantees “subsidies for low or no income consumers” and “increased federal aid to the states for Medicaid”, we have a situation where YOU are not only TAXED for YOU not following the dictate of the government, but YOU are TAXED again when others either don’t follow the law, can’t follow the law or are exempted ~by the same government~ from the law.

By the way, this “increased federal aid” sounds so sweet to the uninformed. WHO do YOU think will supply this “increase”? Even more taxes? Increased borrowing?

Ehh, who really cares, we have “Obama” money flowing in hand over fist to pay for it. Where will the government get this money? Things are going to get fun around here, real quickly.

Joe Lania CPA

(I prepare income taxes professionally, and there are many people who show little or no income. Many people are going to sleep soundly tonight, and they won’t even bother to pick up the phone and call you and thank you for paying this for them.)

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