2014 Summer Special offer

Do you have a small business in Pembroke Pines, Cooper City, Davie or Broward County and find that you need professional help with your accounting and tax needs? We are your tax and accounting experts!!

We are now in July. Midway through the year, and we’re extending a special offer to small business owners who find that they are “behind” in their administrative accounting.

Yes, Quickbooks is easy. Yes, some even think that Quickbooks is fun and exciting…. YET with the rigors of daily life, so many fall behind. Sure, you mean to do it, you want to do it and you beat yourself up for falling behind… and NOW IT’S JULY!!

My office will “catch you up” and free up your time to devote to your business, your family vacations or just your peace of mind.

We will do the following, as to your individual needs:

1) For those with an internal bookkeeping system, which used to be up to date but no longer is, WE WILL BRING YOU UP TO DATE!!
Just bring in your company’s database, your unposted checkstubs, bank statements and other activity, and leave it up to us to make you whole.
We will professionally bring your books up to date and return your database to you so that you will have all of your activity at your fingertips.

2) For those without a current bookkeeping system, but always wanted one that could help manage your growing business, we will do it.
We will quickly develop an accounting system for you, one that you can choose to maintain in-house if you want…
Just bring in your prior year’s tax return (so that we have a base to build on), your checkstubs, your bank statements and your other activity.
We WILL professionally set up a workable bookkeeping system and database for your business and your accounting will be up to date.
You will sleep better each night knowing that we have done things right… professionally and accurately.

3) For those who just have a mess… for those who have (and I see this everyday) domestic problems because the person that you expected to maintain your day to day books simply does not have the time or desire to do it… and for those who “intended” to stay current, but fell behind.. WE ARE THE ANSWER!!

We will fix any problems, we will correct any mistakes, and we will EXPLAIN IN PLAIN LANGUAGE what you need to do now.

Call us, we will make your life easier and help you understand and manage your growing business.

Joseph S Lania CPA

About Joseph S Lania CPA

Joseph Lania CPA is a firm well-respected for providing prompt, personal and professional service in all of your accounting needs including income taxes, filing all personal tax returns, preparing your business taxes, expert business accounting advice, filing taxes, QuickBooks training and condo tax and audits. Our goal has always been to provide our clients with a higher level of professional service. Our mission at Joseph S. Lania, CPA is to always help our clients succeed in business, while honoring our obligation to the public, all within the framework and standards of our profession. We value our clients, and it shows in the quality of our service. Contact us at joe@laniacpa.com Call us at 954-432-2299
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