Don’t panic, we are just a phone call away…

Now that the busy tax season is over…
Do you find that you haven’t filed one or more prior years’ returns??
DON’T PANIC!! We can help you.

We can quickly and accurately file ALL past due returns.

We have the ability, and all of the software, to file any year… any State… any return today!!

Call my office, to set up a convenient appointment, so that you can come in and see how you’ll sleep better tonight knowing that things are done right.

My office # is (954) 432-2299 (ask for Joe and you’ll be helped right away)

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2012 Small Business and Florida Unemployment changes.

Well, the Florida Unemployment is now called “Reemployment Assistance” instead of unemployment compensation.

Also, the wage base that has been set at $7,000 annually per employee has risen to $8,000 per employee this year. Most employers have also seen a rate increase, with the minimum now being 1.51%.

Joe Lania CPA

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Lania CPA

We finished 2011. Most of our clients knew how they fared for 2011 and look forward to 2012. Now that all of the tax returns, both business and personal, are filed… take a look and see how your small business’s books are now? Up to date for 2012?

Would you like to know, NOW, how you’re doing so far? Perhaps make some early mid-course corrections? WE CAN HELP. Well, NOW IS THE TIME to get …some quick corrections implemented. We need to discuss some serious business. What are YOU going to do about those Quickbooks “fairytales” you have hidden for years, the ones that are keeping you up each night?

We are Accounting and Tax Experts. We will allow you to sleep better each night, knowing that things are done right. Now that your 2011 business activity is over… what will you do to improve in 2012? We will help. For a manageable monthly fee, we will keep you and your business on track. After a year of new beginnings and IRS changes and delays. Many individual returns weren’t able to be filed (on paper or electronically) until February 14th (Valentine Day??) 2012. We keep businesses working and moving forward.

Our clients are very happy.

Joe Lania CPA

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2011 Federal Unemployment INCREASE in Florida

To my friends and long-term clients from Joe Lania ;

The federal unemployment tax has remained unchanged for many years. The taxable rate, after a consistent State credit, has been .008 for many, many years. This year, it has increased for our State of Florida.

YES, a federal rate has increased for our State because of increased unemployment and seemingly uncontrolled Continue reading

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Happy, Healthy 2012 from Joe Lania

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our friends, followers and long-term clients.
We all wish you a Happy, Healthy, Safe, Warm and Blessed 2012.

As you receive your 2011 tax and financial docs, please safeguard them until your appointment. If you have ANY questions, please feel free to call our office at
(954) 432-2299

Joe Lania

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Democrats to Introduce Bill to Extend Payroll Tax Cut

Democrats to Introduce Bill to Extend Payroll Tax Cut

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said Monday that he plans to introduce legislation this week that would extend the payroll tax cut that is due to expire at the end of the year.

The tax cut extension would be offset with a surtax on millionaires, setting up a battle with Republican lawmakers who are opposed to any tax increases.

“This week we’ll introduce legislation that would give the economy a boost by putting money back in the pockets of middle-class workers and businesses by extending Continue reading

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When you’ve lost your Home Base (by Joe Lania)

Most of us remember, as kids, having a home base.  Home Base was a place that was safe, secure and somewhere to rest and refigure your next moves.  Our games played were “tag”, ringaleevio, and for those from the Bronx, “Hot Peas & Butter” (intense game played with a hidden leather strap).  Home base offered us refuge.


As adults, as parents, as small business owners and managers, we still need our home base.  Continue reading

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About Joseph S Lania CPA

At Joseph S Lania CPA, our goal is to help you reach your business and personal goals by assuring you that all filing requirements and other compliance issues are handled by us, in a prompt, professional manner.

We want to be recognized as a key advisor on your business or financial team–an advisor who will provide you with the superior service and quality work you require. To achieve this goal, we realize that we must build a strong relationship between you and our people.

As we continue into a new century of technological advances, you will need highly educated, computer-literate, savvy professionals who can offer sound business advice as well as traditional accounting, audit, and tax services. The skilled professionals assigned to you will possess these characteristics and will be dedicated to providing you with the personal attention you need to reach your goals.

We are always intent on improving our ability to offer a wider variety of comprehensive business and financial consulting services. Joseph S Lania CPA serves a wide variety of industries and offers a full range of services, including homeowner association audits, professional business services and information technology, in additional to our twentynine years of experience helping people just like you solve the same problems that you face everyday.

We are highly skilled and professional ACCOUNTING & TAX EXPERTS and we are here to help you. To further accomplish our goal as a provider of exceptional services, we are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities to you every day.

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Expensive failure to file S-Corp, LLC and Partnerships timely

The IRS increased the monthly penalty for failing to file a partnership return from $89 per partner to $195 per partner.

This penalty can be assessed for a maximum of 12 months. For example, the maximum penalty for a partnership with five partners is $11,700 (5 × $195 × 12 = $11,700).

Ouch! Continue reading

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What do we need in order to establish the right small business?

Vision : Number one, we need a vision. A vision of what we intend to do and who we intend to sell it to. A vision has to be YOURS. You can’t live someone else’s dream. You need your vision to wake you and move you each day. It is your clear vision that will keep you going when times get rough, when business gets slow and others become doubtful
Money : You will need money. Hopefully, your OWN money. If you have none, then you need to carefully reconsider your timing to start your business. Someone else’s money costs you. Someone else’s money creates not only debt, but an unintentional partnership.
Time : You will need time. Time during the day (and many nights) to devote to you business, develop your vision and see that things get done. Very few things that are worthwhile happen overnight. Small businesses DEMAND lots of YOUR time.
Support : Your family, friends and others who support you and your vision are crucial to effectively running and building a successful small business. I can not emphasize this enough. Discuss these things with those around you BEFORE you step out. It will save a lot of heartache and hurt feelings later when your business demands your attention.
Supply/Demand : You must meet an un-met need. I can not stress this enough. There MUST BE consumers of your product or service that are currently having un-met needs in order for your business to thrive. This is a key to establishing a successful business.
Partnership agreement : Did I just say that out loud?? You will, if you have partners, need a partnership agreement. Go to my website . It will avoid problems down the road. While everyone is happy, you do what I carefully outline on my website. It will, I guarantee, make a difference in your life. (yes, your life!) I can tell you horror stories all night about this issue.
Payroll system : Probably the #1 cause of failure in an otherwise successful small business is the abuse of payroll, payroll taxes, sales tax and other compliance issues. Beware of the traps suggested by friends. Pay your employees, withhold the proper taxes, make the deposit and sleep well at night. If you were charged five thousand dollars for this seminar, this one point would make it worth your investment. Continue reading

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